Our Pork

Perrys of Eccleshall pork tastes how pork used to taste, before the onset of industrial farming. Strict attention to provenance is coupled with our use of hogs that are also reared for longer, so as not to rush the meat, but to give the best finish possible and the nutritious qualities pork should boast.

Our gammon boasts the rich flavour and irresistible close texture characteristic of our pork. Whether you choose steaks or whole joints our choice breeds are expertly prepared by our Master Butcher Stephen and his team. Our home-made and traditional cures enhance the pork’s flavour, ready for cooking.

We are proud English Winter Fair winners of 7 Gold Awards for our traditional pork sausages.

Our award-winning bacon promises large rashers of rich full flavoured bacon and has scored no less than 100% for taste, texture and appearance at the English Winter Fair. Our bacon is traditionally dry-cured using salt blends or sweet-cured using treacle, to our own recipes.