Staffordshire Beef

We deal in grass fed locally farmed Staffordshire beef, reared within 5 miles of our Eccleshall shop. Working hand-in-hand with local farmers, our stock is raised on grass to create the deep flavour and characteristic marbelling of our British beef.

Our breeds of British Beef

Our breeds include the British Heritage breed Dexter, Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn, in addition to a small amount of Waghu.  Prime cuts can be found on the menus of several local pubs and restaurants.

Why our beef tastes better

Our beef tastes better because we care. Firstly it is expertly hand cut by our British Champion award-winning Master Butcher and the team. Secondly, we dry-age our beef for 32 days as standard to deliver maximum flavour.

Our juicy handmade beef burgers deliver proper flavour because we use the best chuck and flank cuts together with just enough fat. The combination of beef and fat ensures the full bite and irresistible meaty character that makes our burgers so popular.
You can enjoy our burgers either at home or you will find them on the menu of local pubs and restaurants.

Our beef steak selection

You can choose from brisket to fore-rib, T-bone to Tomahawk steak, bone-in-shin beef and lesser known steaks. The beef steak collection includes the lesser known cuts Flatiron, Picanha, Feather Steak, Fillet Tail and Crop Steak.  

Perrys Reserve Beef Collection

For something extra special take a look at our Reserve Beef Collection which includes a range of cuts maturated for up to 120 days.