Perrys’ Charcuterie box


The Perrys’ Charcuterie Box is a perfect accompaniment to any occasion be it a quiet evening in or a celebration of something more significant!


What’s included in the Perrys’ Charcuterie Box:

10 slices of Parma Ham DOP. This prosciutto is produced in the small area of Parma, Italy where it is salted and aged for a minimum of 13 months.

10 slices of Negroni Rustico Salami. This salami is based on the Felino (Parma) tradition, with subtle flavours of pepper, garlic & white wine.

10 slices of Chorizo. This is a traditional Spanish dry sausage seasoned with paprika to give it its distinctive red colour.

250g Stilton Colsten Bassett. A mellow flavour stilton with a melt in the mouth texture.

250g Perrys 1927 Cheddar. An excellent vintage cheddar, matured for a minimum of 12 months, produces a full-bodied cheddar cheese.

250g Brie De Meaux. The farmhouse cheese of connoisseur quality matured for 5-6 weeks.


£32.00 – Perrys’ Charcuterie Box