Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oils


Bennett Dunn rapeseed oil range is gently produced to create a full flavour and to preserve the oil. It is triple filtered and bottled on the Farm in Shropshire. Nothing whatsoever is added to the oil other than the delicate infusions which contribute to its excellent range of flavoured oils.

It can be used as an alternative to olive oil for marinades, dipping and drizzling.  Unlike olive oil, it is also ideal for roasting, baking and stir-frying.

£3.99 250ml Original Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
£4.99 500ml Original Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
£3.99 250ml Naturally Oak Smoked Oil
£3.99 250ml Thai Spice Infusion
£3.99 250ml Chaat Masala Spice Infusion
£3.99 250ml Garlic Infusion Oil
£3.99 250ml Natural Lemon Infusion Oil
£3.99 250ml Herb & Spice Infusion Oil
£3.99 250ml Hot Chilli Infusion Oil

£3.99 250ml Chilli & Garlic Dressing
£3.99 250ml Honey & Mustard Dressing

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