Free-range Christmas Turkey Butterfly


Succulent and rich, locally reared free-range Staffordshire Turkey Butterfly.

The Perrys of Eccleshall Christmas Turkey Butterfly is deliciously tender and best roasted in the oven and carved into slices. This fuss-free boneless turkey joint makes Christmas Day carving a dream and with zero waste it makes for a popular choice.

Make a delicious stuffing of locally reared prime pork sausage meat and your favourite seasonal nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices to serve alongside it. Lay rashers of prime free-range pork streaky bacon rashers for added flavour and a traditional festive roast.

Our turkey butterfly is locally reared in Staffordshire.

£23.50 2kg (serves 1-3 guests)
£29.00 2.5kg (serves 2-4 guests)
£33.50 3kg (serves 3-5 guests)
£38.00 3.5kg (serves 4-6 guests)
£47.00 4kg (serves 5-7 guests)
£53.00 4.5kg (serves 6-8 guests)
£58.75 5kg (serves 7-9 guests)