Perrys’ 90 day British Rib-of-Beef Celebration Box


British beef, locally reared by our favourite farmers, and maturated to 90 days – in line with the Perrys’ Reserve Beef collection standard. The 90 day matured rib-of-beef delivers a more complex taste experience than our standard 32 day dry-aged beef. With the finest of all prepared meat, everything happens in your mouth all at once, but in a complementary, non-conflicting way. There may be a game-tinged beefiness in there; earthy, bosky flavours; a ripeness; and a fatty, almost floral sweetness. This is an exception cut of British beef for the discerning.

Start, finish or simply snack on the prime pork ham joint, British butcher’s staple handmade proper pork pie and superb selection of cheese and biscuits for a fine celebration to remember.


What’s included in the Perrys’ Christmas Rib-of-Beef  Celebration box:

Rib-of-beef joint (3.5kg lrg pack & 4kg xlrg pack) cut from the fore-rib, french trimmed and matured for 90 days in the dry-ageing fridge

Pigs in Blankets (25 lrg pack, 30 xlrg pack) Chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, handmade using locally reared prime British pork

Sausage meat 454g Prime Pork sausage meat to make the perfect stuffing

Jar of English mustard, traditional strong, sharp mustard from the Perrys’ Provisions range

Jar of Horseradish sauce, a hot horseradish that packs a punch

Jar of Goose or Duck fat. To create the perfect crunch for your roast potatoes

Proper pork pie (2lb lrg pack & 3lb xlrg pack) handmade on the premises using locally reared British prime pork and shortcrust pastry, to our award-winning recipe

Perrys 1927 Cheddar cheese (250g) our vintage cheddar matured for a minimum of 12 months

Stilton Colsten Bassett cheese (250g) A mellow flavour with a melt in the mouth texture

Brie De Meaux Rouzaire cheese (250g) Farmhouse cheese of connoisseur quality matured for 5-6 week

Perrys 1927 Smoked Cheddar cheese (250g) our vintage cheddar matured for a minimum of 12 months and cold smoked on the premises

3 boxes of biscuits for cheese from the Artisan Biscuit Company, Millers Damsels, Toast and Elements range

2 jars of Perrys’ Provisions Chutney Rich and flavourful chutney from our own range

Ham joint (2kg). Prime locally reared dry-cured ham ready for roasting

Streaky bacon (1kg lrg pack, 1.5kg xlrg pack) locally reared dry-cured prime pork

Short back bacon (1kg lrg pack, 1.5kg xlrg pack) locally reared dry-cured prime pork

Pork Sausages (18 lrg pack, 24 x lrg pack) handmade using locally reared prime pork

Full ring of black pudding Our traditional recipe black pudding

A dozen eggs Fresh and free-range farm eggs from Ross’ Eggs in Market Drayton


£220.00 – Large Rib-of-Beef Celebration box (3.5kg of beef serves 8-10 guests)
£250.00 – Extra large Rib-of-Beef Celebration box (4kg of beef serves 10-12 guests)