Perrys Picnic Jubilee Pack


Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with a Perrys Picnic Jubilee pack. Using locally reared meat and our favourite flavours and recipes, our Handmade Pork Pies and Scotch Eggs are accompanied with a delicious chutney and award-winning cheeses.


£50.00 – Our pack includes:

Perrys 1lb Pork Pie
4 Handmade Scotch Eggs
4 Handmade Sausage Rolls – ready to bake
Jar of Perrys Preserve
1 Box of Cheese Crackers
250g Perrys 1927 Mature Cheddar
250g Stilton Colsten Bassett
150g Grilled Sweet Borettane Onions
150g Mixed Italia Olives
150g Salami
150g Chorizo
150g Parma Ham DOP

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