Perrys’ Reserve Sirloin steak


The succulent Perrys’ Reserve Sirloin steak is cut from between the fore rib and the rump. Our grass fed heritage breed British beef is locally reared, with less than 5 food miles, before it is matured for a minimum of 90 days. This is almost three times longer maturation than our 32 day standard dry-aged Tomahawk.  The extra maturation time delivers a completely different flavour experience and should be savoured on a special occasion or simply as a treat.

This is an exceptionally special cut of British beef.

£9.15 per steak of 8oz
£18.30 per pack of 2 8oz
£36.60 per pack of 4 8oz
£11.18 per steak of 10oz
£22.36 per pack of 2 10oz
£44.72 per pack of 4 10oz
£13.21 per steak of 12oz
£26.42 per pack of 2 12oz
£53.44 per pack of 4 12oz