Anna Christoforou

Professional cooking has been in Annas’s family over three generations. Her family originate from Larnaca, Cyprus, after emigrating to the UK in the 1960’s, her grandparents swore to keep the culture and traditions of their home country alive in their future generations.
Anna is passionate and knowledgeable about Cypriot and Greek food, originally cooking for friends and family, after competing professionally in MasterChef 2017, Anna has been tutoring in Greek and Cypriot cookery, as well as holding running pop up restaurants and supper clubs in Shropshire and London.
Anna learnt how to cook at the knee of the strong women in her family, and from a young age was helping her mother, aunts and grandmother in the kitchen, as was expected of all young women. Within Cypriot culture food is not just to be eaten, it is to be shared, the base of every good get together, the core of what holds a family together, passing down recipes is a integral part of bridging the gap between the generations, and bringing all the family together. When a Cypriot shares food with you, they’re sharing part of their heart.
Due to over 5000 years of invasion and concurring of the island Cypriot cuisine is a fabulous mix of Greek, North African, Turkish and Arabic food. Using flavours from all corners of the world as Cyprus sits locked between 3 continents, the food is earthy and flavourful, mixing flavours of mint, cinnamon, lemon and bay, and using sweet honeys and orange and rose blossom. Cypriot food is a unique and flavourful journey through history.

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