Hélène Sokhal

Hélène Sokhal is certainly passionate about artisan baked bread even if she’s not too sure when it all started. Raised in a country that produces beautiful bread and patisserie, she took it all for granted. For Hélène it’s not just the taste but the whole ‘ceremony’ of going to the bakery. It’s so French!

Moving to the UK and feeling unsatisfied with supermarket pre-sliced bread she had a brief flirtation with a bread maker, before she started kneading the dough by hand. The loaves started to take shape and taste good – even better when she began using sourdough.

The benefits of eating sourdough bread to aid the digestive system are well documented and it’s this that stimulated her excitement of making a loaf start. From the moment she first mixes the flour and the water together the excitement builds, knowing that it is going to come alive and eventually produce amazing delicious tasting fresh bread.

Join Hélène as she takes you on your own journey into the world of brioche, sourdough, croissants and more with her many courses at Perrys Field to Fork.

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