James Sherwin

James Sherwin first entered the pop-up restaurant arena after appearing on Channel 4 programme The Taste alongside Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain back in 2013. He uses the word French term ‘Terroir’ – meaning environmental factors such as the soil, climate and topography which affects the taste and appearance of certain crops – to describe his business Wild Shropshire and his passion for food. He’s got a raft of awards to his name including Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2018 and Best Artisan Restaurant in Shropshire 2018.

For James, the great thing about working with the seasons is that dishes can keep changing and it forces you to be creative and reactive to the environment. He describes everything he creates as ‘of a place’. That place may not always be close by, but it is representative of somewhere and has its own story. Naturally, his meat is sourced from Perrys when at Field to Fork and James also runs his own allotment and is frequently foraging for produce, some of which can be found in most people’s gardens.

Join James’ Secret Kitchen, an adventure in fine food driven by the seasons and provided by the county’s and the country’s best artisan producers!

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