Lajina Masala

So many of our chefs are inspired by their mother and Lajina is no exception. A one-woman spice dynamo, Lajina has been cooking traditional Indian food for as long as she can recall.
It’s often said that the best ideas start off over a good meal with fine friends and it was Lajina’s friends who persuaded her over a curry that there was a gap in the market for traditional Punjab home style cooking. Armed with the support of her friends and a self-belief that “she could”, she promptly took redundancy from her job as an accountant and followed her passion. She started spicing and combining flavours based on traditional recipes she’d always used, and the Lajina Masala brand was born.
She still enjoys spicing, and to this day she spices as if it’s for her own home cooking, none of the cleaning, roasting and grinding has changed. She describes spicing as deeply therapeutic and a very special time just for her.
Thankfully for us, she loves to teach Indian cooking just as much and enjoys nothing more than the interaction and watching people create delicious, healthy and tasty authentic home-style Indian food, especially when it means creating the same bold flavours that are naturally low in fat, sugar, salt and gluten-free.
Lajina cooks from the heart and creates food that touches the soul. Look at her inspirational Indian cooking courses, there’s plenty to tempt your taste buds.

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