Meek Humpage

Professional cooking has been in Meek’s family over four generations. Her father’s family migrated to Thailand from Yunnan province in the south west of China, during the late 1940’s whilst her mother’s family originates from Northern India and have been in Thailand for at least five generations.

Having such a diverse heritage has exposed Meek to a wide set of cuisines and food styles. This is in part a result of growing up in and around restaurants and professional food preparation. From a very young age Meek learnt about ingredients, techniques and tastes required to cook some of the best dishes from all the food cultures she loves best.

Meek thinks of cooking and eating as an art. She says that Thai food is not complicated to cook, it is probably one of the simplest dishes. However, it will test your sense of smell and ability to match flavours but most important it is fun! And it’s even easier now that many of the key ingredients needed are more readily available.

Oriental cuisine isn’t just what you know from the local takeaway menu, different countries have their own specialities, each region from those countries also have their own special dishes. Thai people don’t just eat multiple colour curries (red, yellow, green) and not every Thai dish consists of mainly lemongrass and chillies. Similarly, Chinese food is more than just Chicken Chow Mein.

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