Rich Sennewald

Rich Sennewald is the original BSc Hons Bio Scientist, Foodie and BBQ Pitmaster. A traditional academic who found that DNA analytics and research science didn’t ultimately float his boat, he professionally pursued his passion of personal training, which was how he funded his way through university.

For the last ten years, Rich has focused his work on dispelling the myths and improving the standard of the sports and nutrition industry by delivering fun, educational and nutritional cookery courses and meal prep courses to compliment his fitness programming at the Norse Gym.

Although he insists that everyone can get something out of his high-energy inspirational cookery courses it will be of particular interest to those looking to improve their meal-prep and planning to deliver more flavour and more colour while using less obvious and traditional approaches to fitness food, that usually comes at a high price.

For better value cooking that’s high in flavour and jam-packed with energy giving ingredients, take a sneak peak and sign up to one of Rich’s food cookery courses or BBQ Pitmaster sessions.

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